in my writing,

I am absolutely obsessed with naturalism. There is something about the simplicity and the quietness of my favorite films and plays that draws me to that style. Maybe because I haven't had a particularly dramatic life, but I always felt so taken by stories that skew more towards the everydayness of peoples' lives. My absolute favorite films and plays are ones that primarily feature two people having a conversation, the ebb and flow of it, the way that we interact with each other via dialogue. I've never been a particularly visually inclined person - I never really was able to imagine things that way - so film and television doesn't really seem like an ideal medium for me. But there is something about it that has always appealed to me, and I think it has to do with the intimacy of it. It's a bridge between the public and the private, and the line is so blurred. When I think about what I want to accomplish as a writer, yes, it's about lifting up women's voices and writing female characters that are complicated and unique and messy and ugly and find their strength in vulnerability. Yes, it's all of those things. But it's also about wanting to explore those small pieces of relationships, and the way that we talk to each other, and reveal ourselves to each other through language. I want to create work that allows space for genuine interaction and quiet humanity, and I want it to feel like a moment that the viewer just stumbled into.

I'm still at the beginning of my journey into screenwriting, but follow along, and we'll see what this turns into.

life or death,


Life or Death, Basically is a web series that I created, wrote, and starred in. It centers around Maggie, a young writer with borderline personality disorder, getting over an extremely codependent relationship and falling in love again as she learns to cope with the ways in which her mental illness affects every aspect of her life. It's a modern romantic comedy about what it means to love someone when you're trying to learn to control your own destructive behavior, and about how impulsivity can both harm and heal us. 


Season one of Life or Death, Basically is now live on Vimeo, and season two is currently in pre-production. 


Life or Death, Basically is an official selection for the 9th Annual New Media Film Festival, and is an International Independent Film Award winner. We have been featured on Bitch Media, Script Magazine, Mental Gladiator Media, Tubefilter, and Honeysuckle Magazine. Life or Death, Basically is also a Stareable Staff Pick. We just recently received the Stumptown Coffee Passion Project Grant (chosen out of almost fifty applicants), and were awarded $1000 to put towards creating season two! 








Read my creator's note on the project here, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest news!

our possible life

Our Possible Life is a web series created and written by myself and my friend and creative partner Alex Arjuna Hughes.  

In Our Possible Life, a group of guardians are trained to disavow their human impulses in order to devote themselves to an in-person crisis hotline to comfort people at risk of suicide. When a guardian and a client begin to form a genuine connection, however, both are forced to come to terms with the possibility that they are both too damaged to ever achieve authentic intimacy. 

We’re currently in pre-production, and set to shoot the pilot of Our Possible Life this December. More to come!