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Social media is something that has become both a hobby and a passion of mine. While many people view it negatively, I think social media has an incredible power to connect people and create communities online, and can be so beneficial for individuals who want to spread a particular message as well as for brands and content creators hoping to increase interest in their products or projects.

I love learning about the latest trends on every platform, strategizing about how to best reach an audience, and creating a cohesive and beautiful page. Over the past couple of years, I’ve fallen in love with managing social media for creative projects and the artists behind them. This has allowed me to learn about marketing on both a micro and macro sense; I’ve learned about tailoring each account to its own specific goals, using graphic design and creative copy to draw in an audience, and engaging with the wider community to create a genuine following.

I have run social media for my series Life or Death, Basically from its beginnings in mid-2016, and over that time our platform, particularly on Instagram, has grown to such a degree that we have received incredible opportunities because of the strong content on our page. Tangible things like interview requests, high engagement, and, recently, a distribution deal, but also things like building a community of like-minded people that truly love our content and share our artistic values. I met fans, found friends, and connected with collaborators through that page, and to this day I am very proud of taking it from less than 50 followers to nearly fifteen times that with nothing but persistence and hard work.

In addition to Life or Death, Basically, I also run social media for the new LGBT comedy web series sadfemme, set to premiere on Vimeo in 2019. I also worked on social media for Consentucation Project, a YouTube monologue series created to empower survivors of sexual violence. In the eight months I worked with Consentucation, I more than tripled their follower count and engagement, and increased their viewership through creating engaging graphic design that fit their existing brand.

I love to challenge myself by working on projects outside of my comfort zone, and I would love to help you increase your online following, create a more balanced and cohesive feed, or build a community surrounding something you care about.

Below, view a few accounts I have worked on. Contact me for rates and details.

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Life or Death, Basically

Life or Death, Basically is a romantic comedy web series created and written by Kimberly Rolfs, directed by Alex Hughes, and produced by Alex and Clara Hughes. It premiered in January 2018, was an official selection of the 2018 New Media Film Festival and an International Independent Film Award winner. Life or Death, Basically has been featured in publications like Bitch Media, Script Magazine, Honeysuckle Magazine, and Mental Gladiator. It was recently picked up for distribution on new streaming services The ON! Channel, and is available to view on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and others, in addition to on Vimeo and at

Find Life or Death, Basically on Instagram (@lifeordeathbasically), Facebook (Life or Death, Basically), Twitter (@lodbasically), and Vimeo (Life or Death, Basically), as well as at



sadfemme is an LGBT comedy web series created and written by Matt Zook, directed by Molly Johnson, and produced by Kimberly Rolfs. The first three episodes were produced in the fall of 2018, and the series is set to premiere in 2019.

Find sadfemme on Instagram (@sadfemmeseries), Facebook (Sadfemme: The Series), and Twitter (@sadfemmeseries), as well as at

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consentucation project

Consentucation Project is a YouTube monologue series created to empower survivors of sexual assault to share their stories. Stories are submitted anonymously, and performed by actors, in order to give survivors a voice without forcing them into the spotlight. It was created by Tara Forseth and Savannah Jones.

Find Consentucation Project on Instagram (@consentucation_project), Facebook (Consentucation Project), and YouTube (Consentucation Project), as well as at